Road Trips I Would Like to Take: A List

I love road trips.  I can’t think of too many better ways to spend a weekend or week (or two!) than driving through the country, stopping at small towns and checking out the sights.  Maybe it’s because I’ve lived in the same general area (San Francisco Bay area) all my life.  Getting beyond the bay area cities and counties constitutes a grand adventure to me.  California offers a good variety of places to go, between coast and mountains, desert and valley, big cities and small, but I dream of venturing further.  Here’s my top 5 of road trips I’d like to take in the future.

  1. Pacific Coast Highway, up and down the California coast. I’d like to go as far north as Eureka, and down to San Diego. We’ve done portions of this route at various times over the years, but I’d love to take the time to do tip to toe.  Such a lot to do and see. And beaches are my favorite places to be.  Any time we’ve considered moving away from California, its the coastline that makes us want to stay.

    Point Arena Light Station
    Point Arena Light Station
  2. Route 66, all the way from Santa Monica, CA to Chicago, IL.This is like my ultimate road trip fantasy.  And yes, I would stop and photograph every single one pump gas station on the way.  To do it proper, we’d need a month.  And a convertible.  Lots of mixtapes.
  3. The Great River Road, following the MIssissippi River from Venice, LA up to Lake Itasca, MN.  Just because I’ve never been in the middle part of the country, and The Great River Road route covers 10 states. It will be quite a learning experience.
  4. The King’s Highway, from Charleston, SC to Boston, MA.  Approximately 1300 miles on the East coast. Historical. Yay.
  5. Northern California to Yellowstone, via Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.  Last year, we had to make a drive up to Boise, ID for some personal business.  We were in a big hurry, so we drove all the way to Boise in one day, stayed for one day taking care of our business, and then one day to drive back.  We didn’t exactly stop and smell the roses.  Even so, I enjoyed the drive.  It was the best thing about the trip.  Surprisingly, the best part of the drive, to me, was the Nevada leg.  I thought I wouldn’t like the desert and heat, but it was actually very cool (cool as in interesting, not as in temperature).  I would like to do this drive again, with the stipulation that we spend more time in Nevada.  Desert landscapes can be amazing.  Plus I’ve always wanted to go to Yellowstone, so we could combine the two, and make that the destination.

    somewhere in Nevada, late afternoon. July 1, 2014.
    somewhere in Nevada, late afternoon. July 1, 2014.

4 Replies to “Road Trips I Would Like to Take: A List”

  1. I want to take each and every one of these road trips! We also really enjoyed the road trip we took from the Twin Cities through North Dakota, across Northern Montana, through Glacier NP, then down to Yellowstone and back through Wyoming and South Dakota. Always gorgeous and unique landscapes and lots of wildlife! We camped the whole trip and it was the best vacation and most relaxing trip ever!

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