Home Is Where the Writing Happens

First off, let me make clear – I write notes whenever and wherever I happen to be when something occurs to me to write.  I am a notebook hoarder, and I have paper & pen within reach most of the time.  If not that there is always my phone with its handy note app. (unfortunately I have very un-handy fat little fingertips which make typing on my phone a pain.  Still, if that’s the only thing available, I struggle through.)

But for really serious, pages and pages writing, or blog writing, it’s usually at my computer, in my little office at home.  If not on the computer, then I’m curled up somewhere else in my house with coffee and a notebook, scribbling away.  Poetry, especially, happens by hand.  Usually, I write either early in the morning or late at night, whenever its quiet and I’m less likely to be interrupted by schedules, doorbells, phones, etc.  Most often, when I’m at my desk, my cat, Sophie, sleeps on the window seat next to me while I work.

I love my little office.  It started out as a place to keep books (we have a lot of those) and pay bills.  But I sort of took it over, and now its my own little place.  My husband has gone out of his way to make it especially nice for me – he found me a set of old french doors and worked quite hard to refinish them for me, complete with an antique glass door knob.  He also found me a beautiful old desk, where I am sitting right now, and this is where I write most of the time.

my desk, unusually clean.
my desk, unusually clean.

Today’s assignment included the directive to add a poll.  I love polls.  My polls tend towards the silly, but I’ll try to restrain myself in this instance.


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