Reading is Fundamental!

“So many books, so little time.”
Frank Zappa

So true, Mr. Zappa, so true.

oldbooks2004Books are lovely things.  I think I mentioned, somewhere back, that my family has a lot of them.  It is because we love them, a family trait I inherited from my mother, who always had bookshelves, crammed full, in every house I can remember.  I’m not sure where my husband’s love of books came from, I don’t recall ever seeing too many books at his parents or siblings homes.  But around the time we started dating, he was already well on his way to building his own library. We each had our own collections, which included some overlap and duplication.  When he and I began living together, we kept a spare bedroom lined with shelves and our collection continued to grow.

When our son and first daughter were quite young, we found ourselves in a space crunch, and we decided it was necessary to pack up our beloved books and store them in my mother-in-law’s garage loft.  To be honest, we didn’t miss them too much at first because A – there was too much little kid/family stuff going on; and B – we never stopped acquiring books!  Didn’t even slow down!  In a few years, when we were able to bring our original books back home, we had to first go buy 4 new bookcases in addition to the built-in shelves we started with.  Not to mention, everyone in the house has a bookcase of their own in their bedrooms.  Yes, we have passed the book-loving gene on to our children.  The reward is that they all are good readers and good students.

Yes, there is a lot of money invested in our collection, but its been spread out over a lot of years, too.  And we do buy wisely – we are not afraid of used books and we are fortunate to have a couple of good used book stores in the bay area. Considering how many hours of meaningful enjoyment we get from reading, I think the money we spend is worthwhile.  We also donate books we’ve outgrown to our local library, so others can enjoy them too.  The only thing I could possibly complain about is that the books take up so much space.  Thank goodness for Kindle!

Ok, truth is there is one other complaint I can make: over the years, I’ve become a much slower reader.  I don’t make nearly the time for it that I should, and also I often find myself getting easily distracted while reading, and sometimes I have a difficult time focusing.  I blame age, and life, and vow to work harder at it.  But, as Frank Zappa was quoted – “So many books, so little time.”  I’ll probably never catch up. *sad face*

Currently reading: “Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch” by Henry Miller.

Oh, and hey I’m on Goodreads, lets be reading buddies!


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